Aircraft Bonding

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

🔥Aircraft Bonding 🔥


✔️📘✏️Aircraft have very large fuel tanks and are fueled with powerful pumps and high velocity nozzles.

✔️📘✏️When a fast moving fuel movement during refuelling or defuelling it transfers charge from the truck to aircraft, just as charged electrons.

✔️📘✏️This may lead to the a static charge building up in the fuel. If the charge is of

sufficiently high potential, it can cause sparking within the aircraft.

✔️📘✏️Because of static charge buildup, there can be a difference in electrical potential between the refueler and the aircraft.

✔️📘✏️When the hose is put in the filler neck, there will be a spark that equalizes the potential and can cause fires.

✔️📘✏️Prior to making any fueling connection to the aircraft, the fueling equipment shall be bonded to the aircraft by use of a cable, thus providing a conductive path to equalize the potential between the fueling equipment and the aircraft.

✔️📘✏️Bonding cables ensures that both the dispensing nozzle and the filler neck are at the same potential so that no spark will jump from one to the other.

✔️📘✏️The bond shall be maintained until the fueling connections have been removed, thus allowing separated charges that could be generated during the fueling operation to reunite

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