Updated: Sep 18, 2020

🔥Engine oil🔥


✏️👉Gas turbine engine oil must have a high viscosity for good load-carrying ability but must also be of sufficiently low viscosity to provide good flowability.

✏️👉It must also be of low volatility to prevent loss by evaporation at the high altitudes at which the engines operate.The oil should not foam and should be essentially nondestructive to natural or synthetic rubber seals in the lubricating system. Also, with high-speed antifriction bearings, the formation of carbons or varnishes must be held to a minimum.

✏️✏️Synthetic oil for turbine engines are usually supplied in sealed one-quart cans.

👉👉✏️Synthetic oil has two principal advantages over petroleum oil. It has a lower tendency to deposit lacquer and coke (solids left after solvents have been evaporated) because it does not

evaporate the solvents from the oil at high temperature.


👉👉 Benfits:-

✏️Improved system protection

✏️Good deposit control

✏️High temperature stability

✏️Reliable system operation

✏️Low volatility characteristics

✏️Excellent wear and corrosion protection

✏️Excellent load carrying properties

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