Aircraft Landing Gear Parts

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

🔥Landing gear parts🔥


✔️📘✏️The main functions of landing gear, undercarriage to the primary structure of the aircraft, are to enable the aircraft for a taxi, safe landing and takeoff, and to support the aircraft in the rest of the ground operation

✔️📘✏️The major components of landing gear include in modern commercial aircraft are wheel assembly, air/oil shock-transferring components, braking system, extension/retraction and safety devices, gear alignment units, steering control elements, etc.

👉 Structure such as:-

✈️✔️Shock Strut:-These are used to absorb the shock and prevent damage to the airframe.

✈️✔️Side strut:-These are a pair of foldable members that helps gear during retraction

✈️✔️Torque Arm:-It joins the joins the upper cylinder with the lower with a pivot.

✈️✔️Actuator:-These hydraulics helps in reducing the required force.

✈️✔️Brakes:- These helps in reducing the speed of the wheels.

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