Aircraft Oxygen System

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✔️✏️📘Oxygen system or O2 generator, is a device that contains compounds that produce oxygen upon release as the result of a chemical reaction.

✔️✏️📘They are commonly found in passenger service units (PSU) located above the

passenger panel for portable breathing equipment.

✔️✏️📘Oxygen Generators are filled with sodium chlorate which when ignited gives off oxygen for passengers.These are ignited by electric means.

✔️✏️📘One side of the oxygen hose is connected to the mask and the other to the firing pin attached to the cylinder.

✔️✏️📘By pulling this is triggers the firing pin to ignite the sodium chlorate mixture which give out oxygen.

✔️✏️📘This is further filtered and pure oxygen is delivered to the passengers.

✔️✏️📘It produces a steady flow of breathable oxygen until it burns out, typically generating 10–20 minutes of oxygen.

✔️✏️📘Its advantage is that it weighs about one third the weight of gaseous oxygen.

✔️✏️📘Sodium chlorate chemical oxygen generators also have a long shelf life, making them perfect as a standby form of oxygen.

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