Antiskid System

✔️📘✏️Anti-skid systems are designed to prevent skidding and the potential tyre damage which can occur when a wheel is locked or rotating at a speed which does not correspond to the speed of the aircraft.

✔️📘✏️The anti-skid system not only detects wheel skid, it also detects when wheel skid is imminent.

✔️📘✏️It automatically relieves pressure to the brake pistons of the wheel by connecting the pressurized brake fluid area to the hydraulic system return line.This allows the wheel to rotate and avoid a skid.

✔️📘✏️Anti-skid systems contains three main types of components: wheel speed sensors, antiskid control valves, and a control unit.

👉📘✔️✏️Wheel Speed Sensor:-Wheel speed sensors are located on each axle of wheel equipped with a brake assembly.

✔️✏️These transducers may be either DC or AC which sense the wheel speed.

👉✔️📘✏️Control Unit:-It is brain of the system located in the avionics bay.

✔️✏️It receives input from sensors and thorough various circuits determines whether Pressure is to be applied or realsed.

👉📘✔️✏️Control Valves:-These take input from the control unit and send hydraulic pressure to the brake unit.

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