Electrical Wiring Interconnection System

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

🔥Electrical Wiring Interconnection System🔥


✔️📘✏️An electrical wiring interconnect system (EWIS) is the wiring system and components such and bundle clamps, wire splices, etc. for a complex system.

✔️📘✏️Inspection and testing of every single component plays a major role in the EWIS regulations to guarantee the safety and reliability of the system.

✔️📘✏️The satisfactory performance of an aircraft is dependent upon the continued reliability of the electrical system.

✔️📘✏️Reliability of the electrical system is proportional to the amount of maintenance received, the correct independent part selection and the supervised installation of each electrical component in the aircraft.

✔️📘✏️The correct installation of the components in the aircraft and the manufacturing procedures are requirements of the EWIS regulations

✔️📘✏️Ewis is mandatory training requirement for all personnel operating in close proximity to aircraft electrical wiring systems.

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