Emergency Locater Transmitter

Updated: Sep 18

🔥 Emergency Locater Transmitter 🔥


✏️👉ELT stands for emergency locator transmitter.ELTs are carried aboard aircraft.

✏️The ELT is activated automatically when the aircraft feels a sudden force such as a plane crash.

✏️Emergency locator transmitters are small, battery-powered devices that broadcast a distinct sound on a dedicated emergency frequency. Older units broadcast on the emergency frequency, 121.5 MHz, while newer models broadcast on 406 MHz at 5 watts for at least 24 hrs.

✏️ELTs are typically installed as far aft in the fuselage of an aircraft as is practicable just forward of the empennage. The built-in G-force sensor is aligned with the longitudinal axis of the aircraft.

✏️ELTs with automatic G-force activation mounted in aircraft are easily removable.They often contain a portable antenna so that crash victims may leave the site and carry the operating ELT with them.

✏️A flight deck mounted panel is required to alert the pilot if the ELT is activated.It also allows the ELT to be armed, tested, and manually activated if needed


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