Total Air Temperature (TAT) Probe

✔️📘✏️Total Air Temperature is measured by means of a sensor positioned in the airflow,raising the temperature measured above the OAT.

✔️📘✏️Total air temperature (TAT) is the static air temperature plus any rise in temperature caused by the high-speed movement of the aircraft through the air.

✔️📘✏️TAT-sensing probes are constructed to accurately transmit signals for cockpit indication, as well as for use in various engine and aircraft systems

✔️📘✏️TAT probes are positioned at front fuselage section mainly at the side or upper surface of the nose.

✔️📘✏️Air flows through the strut of the probe which is provided with holes around it.

✔️📘✏️These bleed holes allow moisture from the air to be removed and vented outside.

✔️📘✏️A pure platinum wire resistance type sensing element is used to sense the temperature from the air.

✔️📘✏️The temperature sensed is then transmitted from digital type of ADC via data bus to microcomputer.

✔️📘✏️To prevent ice formation around the probe heating elements are placed in the probe.

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