Wing Anti Ice System

✔️📘✏️The wing thermal anti-icing (TAI) system removes ice buildup on the wing leading edge slats.

✔️📘✏️The system receives regulated hot air from the pneumatic manifold.

✔️📘✏️The flow of air is controlled by a shutoff valve for each wing.

The valves are operated by a control switch on the pilot's overhead panel.

✔️📘✏️When the system is in operation, the valves direct air through a distribution system to the wing leading edge slats.

✔️📘✏️The wing supply ducts are connected to each of the wing leading edge slats by telescoping ducts.

✔️📘✏️These telescoping ducts further passes the air to the slats via piccolo tubes.

✔️📘✏️The hot air runs the full length of the slat and has perforations to direct the air towards the slat leading edge.

✔️📘✏️The air then flows between the slat upper skin and the slat beam where the air is exhausted overboard through openings in the slat lower skin.

✔️📘✏️The wing anti-ice system is provided with a blue light for each control valve to indicate valve position.

✔️📘✏️The lights are of the press-to-test type and are located on the overhead panel adjacent to the WING ANTI-ICE system control switch.

✔️📘✏️There are various sensor, thermal switches, safety switches and safety relays to protect the system from damage.

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