EASA Module 1 - Mathematics

EASA Module 2 - Physics

EASA Module 3 -Electrical Fundamentals

EASA Module 4 B1 - Electronic Fundamental

EASA Module 4 B2 - Electronic Fundamental

EASA Module 5 B1 - Digital Techniques / Electronic Instrument Systems

EASA Module 5 B2 - Digital Techniques / Electronic Instrument Systems

EASA Module 6 B1 & B2 - Materials and Hardware

EASA Module 7 B1 & B2 - Maintenance Practices

EASA Module 8 B1 & B2 - Basic Aerodynamics

EASA Module 9 B1 & B2 - Human Factors

EASA Module 10 B1 & B2 - Aviation Legislation

EASA Module 11A B1 - Turbine Aeroplane Structures and Systems

EASA Module 12 - Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

EASA Module 13 B2 - Aircraft Structures & Systems

EASA Module 14 B2 - Propulsion

EASA Module 15 B1 - Gas Turbine Engine

EASA Module 16 - Piston Engine

EASA Module 17A B1- Propeller

9A Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook - General

Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook - Powerplant

12A FAA-H-8083-32-AMT-Powerplant-Vol-1

12A FAA-H-8083-32-AMT-Powerplant-Vol-2

15A FAA-H-8083-31-AMT-Airframe-Vol-1

15A FAA-H-8083-31-AMT-Airframe-Vol-2

Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems - by Mike Tooley

Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Systems - by Mike Tooley and David Wyatt

Aircraft Communications and Navigation Systems - by Mike Tooley

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals Applications - by Mike Tooley

Aviation Maintenance Technician: General - by Dale Crane

Aviation Maintenance Technician Series Powerplant - by Dale Crane

Aviation Maintenance Technician Series Volume 1 Structures - by Dale Crane

Aviation Maintenance Technician Series Volume 2 systems - by Dale Crane

Jeppesen Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants - by Charles E. Otis

Aircraft Power Plants - by M.J.KROES, T.W.Wild, R.D.Bent and J.L.McKINLEY

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair - by Michael Kroes, Ronald Sterkenburg

The Jet Engine - by Rolls Royce

Aircraft Gas Turbine Tecnology - by IRWINE TREAGER

A & P Technician Powerplant Textbook - by Jeppesen

Aircraft Electricity and Electronics - by Thomas K. Eismin

Aircraft Instruments - by E.H.J Pallett

Aircraft Instruments and Integrated Systems - by E. H. J. Pallett

Aircraft Electrical Systems - by E.H.J.Pallet

Digital Principles And Application - by Leach & Malvino

Electrical Technology Volume 1 - by B.L. THERAJA

Electrical Technology Volume 2 - by B.L. THERAJA

Principles of Electronics - by VK Mehta

Aircraft Radio System - by J Powell

Avionics navigation systems - by kayton & Fried

Avionics Fundamental - by Jeppesen

Civil Avionics Systems - by Ian Moir and Allan Seabridge

Aviation Electronics - by Keith W Bose

Electronics Communication System - by George Kennedy

Basic Electronics - by Bemard Grob

Integrated Electronics - by Millman and Halkias

Manual of Avionics - by Brian Kendal

Principle of Avionics

Mechanics of Flight - by A C Karmode

Aerodynamics - by Clancey

Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics - by John M. Seddon, Simon Newman

Advanced Composites - by Cindy Foreman

Aircraft Propellers and Controls - by Frank Delp

Aircraft: Basic Science - by Michael Kroes, James Rardon

Automatic Flight Control - by E.H.J.Pallet

Aircraft General Engineering - by Lalit Gupta

Shop Theory - by James Anderson Earl E. Tatro

Aircraft Materials And Processes - by George F. Titterton

Theory Of Flight

Airframe And Aircraft Components

Civil Aircraft Inspection Procedures (CAP 459)- Part I, Basic

Civil Aircraft Inspection Procedure (CAP 459)- Part II

The Aircraft Engine And Its Operation By Pratt & Whitny Aircraft

Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook

Rotorcraft flying handbook

ICAO Doc 9683 Human Factors Training Manual

ICAO Doc 9806 Human Factors Guidelines for Safety Audits Manual

ICAO Doc 9824 Human Factor Guidelines for A/c Maintenance Manual

CAP 715 - An Introduction to AME Human Factors

CAP 716 - Aviation Maintenance Human Factors

CAP 718 - Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection

CAR 66 - Licensing of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

CAR 145 - Approval Of Maintenance Organisations

CAR 147 - Approved Basic Maintenance Training Organisation

CAR 147 - Approved Maintenance Training Organisation (Type Training)

CAR M - Continuing Airworthiness Requirements

AME Reference book list

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